Monday 19 September 2011

Who we are

What is the LGBT Advisory Group?
We are a voluntary group of independent lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advisors working with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) at New Scotland Yard. We advise on and monitor police issues that affect LGBT people who live in, work in, study in or are visiting London. 

How did the group come about?
After the April 1999 Soho bombings in London, John Grieve, then head of the Racial and Violent Crime Task Force, recognised the need for a lesbian and gay advisory group.

How were members of the group chosen?
A number of LGBT individuals insisted that such a group should reflect the whole LGBT community and not be appointed by the police. An ad hoc group put together a process to recruit a wide range of LGBT people to form an advisory group. The initial group of 25 were selected in January 2000 to form the LGBT Advisory Group (LGBT AG). Our current selection procedure panel consists of a member of the advisory group, a police representative and an independent member of the LGBT community.

How is the group funded?
We are a group of volunteers. The Diversity Directorate covers essentials expenses for members on Advisory Group business.

Is the group open to new members?
There have been several recruitment rounds as people move on from the group, or away from the London area. We aim to keep the average number of members around 15. 

What does the Advisory Group do?
Initially we were only invited to advise the Racial and Violent Crime Task Force (CO24), now the Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate (DCFD). However as the quality of our advice has been recognised, we are increasingly invited to participate in a wide range of strategy and policy work. From a long list of priorities, we have had to become more realistic in only agreeing to do work we have the capacity to do.

How often does the full Group meet?
The full group meets once every 6 weeks. All members are asked to attend these meetings. However we may occasionally call an emergency meeting of the full group.

Do the police come to your meetings?
Yes. Our meetings are attended by senior officers from the Diversity Directorate (DCFD) and Territorial Police which oversees all the 32 police boroughs.

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