Thursday, 6 September 2018

Community Engagement Conference

The Metropolitan Police restructure: how does that affect you?

6.30 - 8.30pm, Tuesday 9th October
New Scotland Yard, Victoria Embankment, London SW1A 2JL
(Nearest tube stations: Westminster or Embankment)

What is this about?

The Metropolitan Police Service has undergone an extensive re-organisation of local policing in the last year. Thirty-two local borough police into 12 Borough Command Units (BCU). The LGBT Advisory Group is organising an evening conference to address how this re-structuring impacts policing for the LGBT+ community in London. We have invited Superintendent Martin Rolston to explain the new BCU structure and then we will open up the session for discussions. The conference will also be attended by senior management from the central MPS Community Engagement team. This will be an opportunity for the MPS hear how the new structure is currently affecting their service delivery to the LGBT+ community.

1. Introductions (10 mins)
2. The new MPS structure for local policing (Superintendent Martin
Rolston, One Met Model 2020)(20 mins)
3. Roundtable session: community concerns and suggestions (30 mins)
4. Open discussion (30 mins)

Refreshments and sandwiches will be available.

Who is this for? LGBT+ community members and stakeholders, MPS LGBT liaison personnel and LGBT+ MPS staff involved in organisational development.

Please register online using our online form (preferred method). 
Alternatively, register by email to with your name, contact email, dietary and access requirements. 
For further enquiries, please call 07947160111


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  2. Inclusive community engagement results in government processes, practices, and decisions that are more responsive to community priorities, avoid many unforeseen consequences, and create relationships that hold local governments accountable.
    Community Engagement Definition