Wednesday 2 February 2022


IOPC finds discrimination, harassment and bullying at Charing Cross team

IOPC has found discrimination, harassment and bullying involving officers predominantly based at Charing Cross Police Station. WhatApps messages were found to contain racist, misogynistic and homophobic comments. Officers were using `banter' to excuse unacceptable behaviour.

Fourteen officers were investigated by the IOPC. 

One officers was dismissed for gross misconduct. One other resigned before the end of the investigation. Four officers attended misconduct meetings where allegations of misconduct were proven against two officers. One received a written warning and one received no further action as they had already demonstrated performance improvements. Misconduct was not proven against the two other officers. Two officers were subject to unsatisfactory performance procedures. They attended a formal meeting to discuss their performance and appropriate action going forward. Two officers were subjected to reflective practice to improve their performance. The investigation found no case to answer for the remaining four officers.

We are making it clear to the MPS, after the inquest into the Barking & Dagenham murders, this report further erodes the trust and confidence of the LGBT+ community in the Metropolitan Police. We are committed to working with the MPS to make sure lessons are learnt and actions are taken.

More details at IOPC website:–

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